As a pioneer in non-stick coatings, Kempf proudly presents its new and patented PFAS-free plasma coating. The aim is to harmoniously combine environmental protection with consistent quality for superior baking results.

The newly developed coating is characterized by an outstanding bond to the baking tray or baking pan during the coating process.

This results in the following advantages:

  • Excellent anti-stick effect
  • There is no risk of the coating peeling off, even with intensive use.
  • The coating is extremely durable and can withstand high mechanical stress, with up to 10,000 baking cycles possible.
  • In addition, the coating withstands temperatures of up to 250°C, allowing for versatile use.
  • The excellent and even heat transfer across the entire baking surface leads to optimal baking results and reduced energy consumption.
PFAS free coating tray Kempf

Not only functional, but also aesthetically, the new coating offers a visual highlight. It shines in the most beautiful rainbow colors and therefore also ensures a visually appealing baking experience. After all, the eye bakes with you!

Prepare yourself for the upcoming law changes regarding PFAS! Visit us at booth A1.365! Convince yourself of the outstanding advantages and exceptional quality of our coating.