Saving money and making a valuable contribution to the environment at the same time? That’s possible with our innovative energy-saving baking trays that have a special, very stable lightweight design.

 Thanks to the unique and sophisticated lightweight construction we were able to reduce the weight of the baking trays by 30%. This shortens the preheating and baking times and significantly reduces energy costs. In fact, you can lower your baking temperature by about 10% and reduce the baking time by an impressive 8% thanks to the improved heat transfer.

A reduced hourly utilization ensures a more efficient production and shorter lead times. The handling of the otherwise heavy trays is significantly facilitated due to the lower weight. This has a positive impact on the work of your employees and increases efficiency.

 Investing in our energy-saving baking trays pays off after just 18 months, so that you will benefit from it in the long term.

 Switch to our energy-saving baking sheets and be surprised to see how you can save both money and time while actively contributing to the preservation of the environment. Visit us at the trade fair and let us show you our latest energy-saving trays!