Completely hygienic an extremly durable. 

Our peelboards or proofing trays are suitable for your special dough types, no matter whether large or small baked goods, with or without flour sprinkling, soft or firm dough, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic loading. All peelboards are manufactured in such a way that they can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. In addition, they are completely hygenic and very durable.

Professionelle Peelboards Kempf

Advantages Peelboards

  • suitable for all dough types

  • easy to clean – very hygienic

  • outstanding non-stick properties

  • for racks and automatic production lines


You can choose between peelboards with or without a stainless steel frame. Due to the robust design, peelboards with stainless steel frames are particularly well suited for industrial use and automatic baking lines. The frameless variant, on the other hand, scores with its ease of use in rack trolleys and is an economical entry-level solution.

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