industrial system trays

Kempf GmbH offers high-quality industrial system trays with a suitable coating for smooth production on automated systems.

For smooth production on automated systems, not only the quality of the tray is crucial, but also an appropriate coating. We offer both from development to production. Thanks to our design and tooling department, we can develop and produce customized industrial system trays. We can offer you special solutions, such as our patented rivet-free industrial system tray.

Anlagenbleche vom Experten Kempf GmbH
Anlagenbleche für automatisierte Anlagen


  • extremely stable due to stainless steel frame
  • suitable for automatic lines e.g. Mecatherm, Kaak, BVT, NEWCAP, König, Rademaker, AMF and many more
  • absolutely dimensionally accurate for smooth production
  • special micro-perforation 2.0 mm or 1.6 mm for particularly soft doughs
  • flexible choice of channel design, number of channels, version and perforation
  • available with our high-quality non-stick coatings
Anlagen Baguetteblech für automatisierte Anlagen
Anlagenbleche für professionelle Linien
Anlagenblech für automatisierte Linie
Beschichtetes Anlagenblech für automatisierte Linien


Our patented rivet-free industrial system trays offer numerous advantages, including smooth production without rivets on the baking surfaces. In addition, coating with Teflon, silicone or ceramic is available. A further advantage is the cost-efficient and simple change of the inlet.


  • production without interference – no rivets on the baking surface
  • coatings available: Teflon, silicone or ceramic
  • inexpensive and easy change of the inlets

    Laser - LETTERING

    A QR code on the industrial system tray offers many possibilities for quality control or quality assurance of your production. You can measure the exact number of cycle times of the trays and recognize at an early stage when a change is necessary. This means that each tray can be traced back exactly and ensures smooth operation of your baking line. We offer branding, too. Please contact us for more information.
    industrial system tray with laser branding