Easter eggs were the first product of Kempf GmbH. That’s right! Josef Kempf Senior (1925-1980) invented an automated system for easter egg dyeing. In the early 1980s, more than 20 million Easter eggs left the egg dyeing plant in Rohrbach. In 1974, the two-man-business „Karl-Frotscher”, a local artisan manufacturer of baking trays and bakeware was acquired.
After the sudden death of his father, Joseph Kempf took over both companies in 1980. Today Guido Kempf manages the company in the third generation employing 155 people (130 in Rohrbach & 25 in Dronten, NL). Such a development would not have been possible without the support of the people of our community throughout decades, i.e., as employees or local craft businesses who work for us as suppliers nor would it have been possible without the broad acceptancy for a continuously growing and expanding company.

Who could have imagined what would once hatch out of an Easter Egg?

the first industrial machine for painting eggs, invented and patented by Josef Kempf (†1980)