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KG-Flon 750: Coating for lye dough

kg flon






Kempf GmbH is a medium-sized family-owned business specialising in bakeware & coatings for the past 40 years. Not to move forwards means to go backwards. Therefore, we are constantly optimising our products and manufacturing lines so that we will continue to be in a position of ensuring high levels of flexibility to meet special customer wishes, top quality at fair prices and timely execution of contracts and purchase orders.

Here are some informations about current occurrence in our company.

Teflon™ coatings for Industrial Bakery Solutions

New Teflon™ coating

Kempf opens a new Teflon coating line for Industrial Bakery Solutions

Kempf GmbH, a partner of the “Teflon coatings for Industrial Bakery Solutions” initiative, recently opened its new plant in Rohrbach, Germany, with a certified Teflon coating production line for high quality baking moulds and trays.

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Patented trays for automated baking lines: non-riveted

Nietenfreiklein2Our patented non-riveted trays for automated baking lines allow you to run your production processes with less disruptions and higher reliability than ever. In addition, the inlet can be very quickly changed at low cost as needed.

Preview our trays for baking lines

Kempf is a licensed DIBS Teflon™ Marketer

Dupont – the world market leader for non-stick coatings – developed the Dupont Industrial Bakery Solutions Program (DIBS) in 2011. Kempf GmbH is the only licensee in Germany to offer these coatings that give users a leading edge in innovation and quality.

Save up to 12% in energy costs

Heat transfer paint can cut energy consumption during the baking process by as much as 12%. Many of our customers are already using this innovation for their baking pans, trays and tin sets. This special high-tech coating is applied to the back of the bakeware using a special coating technique.

Get a first-hand impression of our newly developed heat transfer paint.