Tin Sets

By manufacturing our tins and tin sets using our state-of-the-art production line, we can guarantee consistently excellent quality, absolute accuracy, and outstanding durability and sturdiness. Ensuring that these conditions are all fulfilled is absolutely essential to allow for large-scale industrial use in automated baking lines. When combined with our non-stick coatings, our tin sets can be used for many baking cycles while still assuring for impeccable quality.

We manufacture our tin sets in accordance with your specifications. We highly value a durable and stable product.

Choices Available:

  • Stable profile frame with edge bumper
  • Single tins with corrugation
  • Single tins with strategically located perforations
  • Dual or reinforced frames (depending on line)
  • Matching lids with vent slots
  • Frames for robotic handling
  • Materials: tin sets available in alusteel or stainless-steel