Für eine reibungslose Produktion auf automatisierten Anlagen ist  nicht nur Qualität der Bleche entscheidend, sondern die passende Beschichtung. Bei uns bekommen Sie beiden aus einer Hand: von der Entwicklung bis hin zur Produktion. Deswegen können wir Ihnen ganz spezielle Lösungen anbieten wie z.B. unsere patentierten nietenfreien Anlagenbleche.

Sturdy Trays for Your Baking Lines

  • Extreme sturdiness thanks to a stainless-steel frame
  • Well-suited to automated systems such as Mecatherm, Gouet, etc.
  • Made to measurement with absolute accuracy to ensure a smooth production process
  • Special micro-perforation of 2.0 or 1.6 mm for especially soft doughs
  • Flexibility regarding mould design and count, style, perforation, and coating
  • We develop and produce trays to your specification in cooperation with our design and tooling departments
  • Available to be shipped with our high-quality non-stick coatings

Non-Riveted Trays

Thanks to our patented non-riveted trays, you can now produce even more safely and smoothly than before. In addition, a quick and inexpensive inlet replacement is possible.

  • Produce smoothly and without disruptions – no rivets on the baking surfaces
  • Coatings available: Teflon, Silicone and Ceramic
  • Inexpensive inlet replacement possible