Specialists for Trays, Tins, and Non-Stick Coatings

Kempf GmBH is a mid-sized family business that has been specialised in “Bakeware & Coatings” for 50 years. Our highly qualified staff and ultra-modern production facilities allow us to manufacture our products at the highest quality while being able to maintain our prices at a fair level. Our product range includes perforated and non-perforated baking trays, trays for baking lines, baguette trays, tin sets, baking & storage racks, cake trays,  as well as flat and « zig-zag » display trays. We also provide high-grade and durable non-stick coatings, chosen for your individual needs. Additionally, we also take special orders for more uncommon requests, we always enjoy a challenge!
Continuous Innovation. We continuously optimise our products and production lines to continue to provide the high quality we are known for, while ensuring maximum flexibility regarding the individual wishes of each client, and still retaining fair prices and a reliable and timely fulfilment of each order.
KG Flon 750 Kempf GmbH

Special Coatings for Lye Products

KG-Flon 750 has many advantages over conventional coatings, catering specifically to the problems that arise during the production of lye products. It enables you to bake without baking parchment, saving you both time and money. More Information
Hybridblech Kempf GmbH

No More Aluminium Residue on Bakery Products

We have come up with a solution specially for bakeries. In a sealed process we add stainless-steel runners to our aluminium trays. By doing this, we allow for the continued use of aluminium trays with all of their advantages, while preventing abrasion and residue. More Information

Custom-made Trays for Your Individual Needs

We love a challenge. Together we will find a solution for your special wishes. Access our treasure trove of experience and contact us. Contact Details