We collaborate with Teflon™ Industrial Bakery Solutions and thus have access to the latest developments, as well as the highest quality raw materials in the non-stick coating segment. Combined with our highly qualified staff and our heavily automated manufacturing, we are able to offer you non-stick coatings of the highest quality. Due to our wealth of experience, we can work with you to select the right coating for your baked goods and your manufacturing process.

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  • perfect de-moulding of your baked goods due to excellent non-stick properties

  • long shelf life and numerous baking cycles owing to outstanding abrasion resistance

  • reduction in costs due to the omission of release and cleaning agents

  • improved appearance and quality of your baked goods as a consequence to the omission of oil and grease in the baking process

  • less outlay in terms of compliance with safety standards and hygiene regulations

  • very good price/performance ratio

Coating lines: State of the art

With us, every phase of the highly automated blasting and painting process is accompanied by continuous quality control and monitoring. It is important to us that our baking trays meet the highest quality standards. To ensure this, we use the most modern equipment that was specially developed for us. Our goal is to produce efficient and durable baking trays and pans for the needs of our customers. Our highly qualified employees are the heart of our company. They have a high level of expertise and the experience to assure our products are of the highest standards. We attach great importance to staying up to date with the latest technology.

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