Silicone Rubber Coatings – Silicone KG 500

Areas of Application:

  • Trays for production
  • Trays for bake-off
  • Baguette trays
  • Trays for baking lines

Huge Advantages Over Conventional Coatings:

  • Heat Resistance up to 300°C
  • Outstanding cost/benefit ratio
  • Hygroscopic properties, meaning the coating can absorb moisture and release it again during the baking process, allowing for non-stick and anti-slip properties at the same time – especially useful in many automatic baking lines with long transportation distances


Non-Stick Property: 3,5

Abrasion Resistance: 3

Diffusion Resistance: 2,5

Colour: red / grey

Temperature Resistance: -30 °C to + 300 °C